Why Choose InStyler’s Smart Hair Dryer Above other Brands

Lightweight, ionic, portable, and great for any and every hair type, InStyler’s smart hair dryer is the staple you need to keep your hair healthy, frizz-free, and beautiful at home for a fraction of the usual price – no more need for expensive styling or blowouts at a salon. So Why choose InStyler’s smart hair dryer over other brands?

It’s really smart

The new auto-pause feature is a game changer for the at-home beauty industry. One of the most time-consuming, frustrating parts of blow drying your own hair is having to juggle your brushes and combs, your product, and the dryer – switching it on and off adds yet another piece to an already difficult puzzle, and another step to an already long lists of tasks to just dry your hair. This auto-pause feature is what really sets this smart hair dryer apart from other brands. Want the dryer to turn off? All you have to do is set it down. When you’re finished sectioning hair, applying product, or brushing it out, all you have to do is pick up the dryer, and it will turn on again!

It’s great for all hair types

Most women with difficult to manage hair types (looking at you, with the thick, curly hair that takes hours to dry) need specialized, expensive products to care for their unique hair needs. This smart hair dryer is one of those rare products that is effective, no matter what hair type you have. The ionized air and adjustable heat and power settings help you achieve shiny, silky, healthy, frizz free hair no matter what length, texture or type.

It’s lightweight

Not only does it help you get beautiful hair that looks like you just came from the salon at home, but it makes it easy to do so. Most hair dryers – with motors and metal and wiring – weigh about 30oz. This one weighs in at 15oz – half of the usual weight. The featherweight plus long handle design and the actual location of the motor all create a styling experience with zero wrist strain or arm stress, making hair styling at home – or on the go – a breeze.

It dries fast

In the interest of saving you time and getting you out into the world looking beautiful even faster, this smart hair dryer’s ionized air, heat, and power are designed to get you the quickest dry you’ve ever had at home. Make at-home-styling fun and enjoyable again – contact us to get your smart hair dryer today!