Why A Child Is A Big Investment

Making the decision to have children is a very important decision. It means that you are willing as a parent to give at least half of your life and time to that little human being for some years until he can fend for himself. Although it is true that as time goes by the responsibilities of a father are less and less, the reality is that at least during his first years of life a son may need at least 90% of the attention and time of his parents since it is impossible for them to carry out any tasks by themselves, they need to be fed, neat, dressed and more. 

All these tasks do not imply only an investment of time, but also an investment of money, a child, is invested in money, from long before birth, in all the studies that are carried out before, in the same delivery, in diapers, clothes, bottles, pacifiers, powdered milk, a crib, shoes, all these things are quite expensive. Many parents do not realize it, but what they invest the most on some occasions is diapers, since only in their first 20 days of life a baby gets to use 8 to 12 diapers per day, later, the number of diapers used is decreasing, however simply with those first 20 days we can get an idea of ​​the significant investment that diapers represent. 

As they grow, they still need things that they will need throughout their lives, such as clothing. A father has to be very clear that his son will be in constant growth, which implies that his clothes will not always fit him. So you will have to be continually buying clothes. Another thing that is also very important is that they are evident that they will also invest in their health, mainly in medical and dental consultations, how much they will invest in these will depend on the child and their needs. Some little ones do not have any health problems throughout their life, so they only need to go to the doctor for regular check-ups. In contrast, other children may have certain conditions such as allergies, asthma, or some other that may involve a higher expense. 

The same happens with dental consultations; some children do not suffer any dental problems throughout their lives. Instead, others may need treatments such as a root canal, a crown, or even slightly more aesthetically related procedures such as dental braces Tijuana. Still, as mentioned, this depends on each child and to a large extent also on the parents and the education that they provide both nutritionally and in terms of hygiene. 

Schools from kindergarten to university can also be a significant expense for parents depending on the school they choose for their children. Regularly a father is always looking for the best schools, which are usually not cheap, so the school also represents a significant investment. Maintaining a child is the responsibility of the parents until at least 18 years of age. After this age, it is up to the parents whether they want to continue supporting their child. However, as we can see, a child is still a big investment, and therefore having one should be a conscious decision.