What to Look for in Online Spanish Classes for High School Credit

Now more than ever before, online Spanish classes for high school credit is a popular option embraced by parents around the country. With the evolution of technology that’s changing the way we live our lives every day, tech capabilities have made it possible for students to enjoy a different approach to learning an online language that saves them more time, makes them fluent in the target language, and, more importantly, they actually learn it. Parents invest in online Spanish classes for high school credit because the results are significantly better than traditional classrooms. This article will explain why. 

Online Spanish Classes for High School Credit Must be Accredited 

This goes without saying, but you would be surprised how many parents enroll their students into online Spanish classes that fail to meet accreditation requirements. The first thing you should do is contact the academic counselor at your child’s school and have them review the online Spanish classes so they can confirm that indeed, the classes are accredited. If your child plans to play a sport in college through the NCAA, you should also make sure the online Spanish classes are accredited for that program. Ultimately it is the school counselor’s job to help you make sure you choose the right online Spanish classes for high school credit that will help make your child successful. 

One-On-One Learning

One main benefit of investing in online Spanish classes for high school credit is that your child gets one-on-one instruction. Why does this matter? First of all, learning a language can be difficult, and we all learn at our own pace, and we all best respond to a specific type of instruction. The average public high school class has a student / teacher ratio of 30 to one. So this makes it impossible for kids to learn at their own pace. Furthermore, getting one-on-one attention is virtually non-existent here. However, online Spanish classes for high school credit from companies like Language Bird pairs students with a certified native language speaker that can work with them in real time, at their own pace, to the teaching style that best resonates. And this will help ensure the student actually learns the language, as opposed to memorizing lines that are soon to be forgotten. 

Native Speakers in Real Life Settings

When looking for online Spanish classes for high school credit, make sure the teacher is a native speaker who uses contextual situations that mirror everyday life your child is most likely to encounter. In other words, your child should be able to learn Spanish online within the framework of traveling to a Spanish-speaking country, having conversations with family, making cultural connections, and within a work environment. This way your child will master the Spanish language within situations that will be familiar in future situations, and the training will be second nature.