What Defines the Best Austin Italian Food?

Italian food is the most popular cuisine in America, and when you are looking for great Italian food in a city like Austin that has an impressive culinary reputation, finding the best Austin Italian food in the city can be challenging. This article is intended to help locals and visitors identify the best Austin Italian food in order to provide an authentic experience and unforgettable meal. 

Fresh Pasta

The best Austin Italian food will, naturally, use fresh hand-made pasta with the same ingredients and techniques used in Italy. Fresh pasta offers a taste and texture the dried stuff can’t compete with. In addition, sauces and oils better mind with fresh pasta, making the overall dish better quality and more flavorful. 

Fresh pasta should also come in varieties. The best Austin Italian food will have ravioli, pappardelle, squid ink tagliolini, tonnarelli, pici, and lasagna just to name some staples. In addition, there should be a gluten-free pasta option for those with special dietary needs. 

The Best Austin Italian Food has Regional Main Courses

When searching for the best Austin Italian food, look for a restaurant with a menu that reflects various culinary regions in Italy. For example, a traditional beef tenderloin represents Tuscany, while char grilled octopus comes from the coastal regions. Essentially, you will want to have menu options that take you on a culinary tour of Italy.


If there isn’t a stone or brick oven in the kitchen, you are not going to have the best Austin Italian food. Pizza is a critical part to any Italian food menu, and if the pizza isn’t cooked in a stone or brick oven, you are not having an authentic culinary experience. These are the traditional ovens of Italy, and the heat created in these ovens allows for an even, consistant bake with a soft center and a crisp crust. 

You should also make sure the pizza sauce is made from San Marzano tomatoes, and fresh mozzarella and herbs are used. Finally, there should be pizzas for vegetarians, meat eaters, vegans, pescatarians, and even a gluten-free option. 


Part of what makes a restaurant worthy of claiming to have the best Austin Italian food is the atmosphere. After all, enjoying a meal involves all the senses coming together. That said, look for a restaurant that offers private dining rooms, patio diving, romantic tables with the right lighting, as well as areas that promote celebration and joy. When you and your dining party are in the right space to promote the desired feeling, the food will only enhance the experience over all.