Vacation In Puerto Peñasco

Before being able to stay in any Puerto Peñasco resorts, it is important to know all that this beautiful place offers, with the objective that it can be more attractive for tourists to be able to stay in this part of the Mexican territory. Puerto Peñasco is characterized as being a fishing territory where. If you are a fan of legends, you will be able to enjoy stories that will captivate you, of landscapes that are the perfect combination of sand and sun. The ideal elements to enjoy a good vacation.

Even though its primary income is fishing, in recent years there have been transformations in the economy that have allowed the growth of various industries that will enable the development of this Mexican city. These changes have led to a considerable increase in tourists. Due to its location in the northwestern part of the state of Sonora and near one of the borders of Mexico and the United States, is a site that is frequently visited by American tourists. One of the most popular tourism in the country are those that are related to places near the sea because they are the ones that leave more economic spill in Mexico. This is why, in these areas, it is common to see various hotels or restaurants.

Since it is a huge tourist area, there are several points that people can visit within this municipality. This is why we will mention the best places you can visit.

Malecon Founders

If you want to be able to walk by the sea, the Malecon is an excellent option since you will be able to enjoy the sunsets that the city offers. In this area, there are different restaurants, shops, and establishments that are characterized by selling typical things of the municipality. You will also be able to appreciate the sculptures or art found in this part, all accompanied by the refreshing sea breeze.

Cerro de la Ballena (Whale Hill)

It is known for the shape of its threads and is located right in the Sea of Cortez. Previously it used to be a viewpoint because from its high point you could see the whole city, but due to the construction of a hotel in the area, the view is no longer so favorable. Despite this, it remains one of the most famous tourist spots.

The Great Altar Desert

Considered a World Heritage Site, this site is a perfect combination of landscapes that, due to the formations, may appear to be in another world.  Within this territory, you will be able to see different dunes with different sizes, ideal for adventurous people who want an extreme experience.

Other activities that the visitor can carry out in his stay in Puerto Peñasco is to savor all the dishes that are offered by the locals of this city, which are based mainly, on products of the sea. On the other hand, there are also different activities adapted to the tastes of each person. Although you can mostly enjoy experiences such as paragliding, motorcycling, boating, among others, this is due to the formations presented by the beautiful city of Puerto Peñasco.