The Best National Parks of Baja California

One of the most biodiverse territories in the whole country of Mexico is undoubtedly the Baja California peninsula, where there are desert areas, coastline, parks, and mountainous landscapes. It’s here in Baja California where one of the most famous parks in the country is located. The Sierra of San Pedro Mártir is located in the municipality of Ensenada, and this municipality has the largest surface area in all of Baja Norte.

San Pedro Mártir is a unique space because it has several fundamental and endemic ecosystems of the peninsula. Its forest region surrounded by a climate characteristic of a desert area makes it very attractive because within this territory that is considered a reserve, the climate is very different, and this is due to its mountains and trees that allow keeping a more refreshing environment. One of the reasons why this park became a reserve is to protect its entire ecosystem from logging. With the aim that people can also learn about the protection of the environment.

In this park, the Autonomous University of Mexico founded the National Astronomical Observatory, where, due to its location, it is possible to appreciate a clear image of the space for the observation of astronomical phenomena. Every year, an event called “San Lorenzo tears” is held in this area. The name of this event, especially the word “tears” alludes to the rain of stars that usually occurs at the end of July and San Lorenzo to a martyr who suffered a lot in his death.

Among the recreational activities that can be done in the park are:

Mountain climbing at El Pico del Diablo – the highest rock structure in Baja California.

  • Camping
  • Mountain Bike
  • Trekking
  • Sighting of flora and fauna

Another essential park within this territory is the Constitution Park of 1857, like that of San Pedro Mártir, is located within the area of Ensenada and its area covers approximately 5,009.48 hectares. It is another of the protected areas where the Reserve of Sierra de Juárez and the Reserve of Sierra de Hansen are located. The government decided to declare it a protected space so that all flora and fauna of the place could be protected in this space. As well as to be able to establish a recreational space for all the people who visit the park. This is where the Hansen Lagoon is located, one of the main lagoons found within this area, which is of significant importance in ecology.

Some of the activities that can be done are:

  • Camping
  • Field days
  • Observation of flora and fauna
  • Trekking

Both parks have cabins that can be rented, as well as spaces where people can camp, but it is recommended that visitors follow the instructions that will be provided upon entering. It is advisable to wear comfortable shoes to enjoy a walk and wear the ideal clothes according to the season because the nights are usually very cold.

They are definitely ideal spaces for the whole family, where together you can be captivated by the scenery and enjoy the activities offered by these two spaces. The family can look for a house for sale in Rosarito, so that all together can enjoy these spaces offered by Baja California.