Teenagers and Cosmetic Surgeries

The growing demand for cosmetic surgery has worried many parents because of the high percentage of teenagers who wish to undergo surgery for cosmetic purposes.

Why does this happen?

Young people tend to be more pressured by society than most people because the pressure in schools is impressive. The communities that are formed within an academy govern and determine the social status of each individual, so each person is labeled from the beginning. We know or have a notion that most young people would like to be part of the popular group because they are the “accepted” ones, while the rest must fight for the acceptance of the rest.

It may sound silly, but it’s a reality, it’s not things that are invented to create a good story, it’s something that happens all the time. If the person suffers from something that the rest of society considers imperfect, they may resort to cosmetic surgery.

And teenagers are not only pressured by the communities formed in an institution, but also by the constant bombardment of images on social networks where perfect women and men are shown, so the idea of an operation is often in the brain of the young teenager.

Due to the growing publicity that revolves around aesthetic transformations, several countries have joined the idea of stripping away those images that create unrealistic expectations of the traditional media, with the aim that the growing boom in surgeries slow down a little the fact that people resort to false surgeons. This type of cases are widespread in young people who want an operation, but due to the lack of economic resources they go to doctors who are not specialized in the subject, so it is usually counterproductive, since the adolescent enters the operating room to obtain results that go according to social standards and comes out with some deformity.

It has become more and more common for teenagers to ask for operation as a gift when they finish an academic degree on their birthday, to feel more comfortable with themselves. It is therefore essential that if parents want their children to have an operation, they go to a specialist who evaluates the patient correctly and warns them about the complications that may arise during or after the surgery.

The most popular cosmetic surgeries in this public are:

Rhinoplasty – It is surprising how many teenagers want this surgery, so it is definitely the most desired. Rhinoplasty consists of an operation that is performed in the area of the nose, to improve your physical appearance or to fix a problem with the airways.

Liposuction- Young people are increasingly focused on having a perfect appearance, so liposuction helps them get rid of unwanted fat.

Tummy tuck tijuana– Due to concern and social pressure, teenagers undergo this surgery to remove excess skin and fat. This operation is performed primarily for those who have lost a lot of weight.

The person must be aware that cosmetic surgery is a procedure that is not only the performance of the operation, is a process that requires acceptance as the changes will be drastic both for him and for the rest of society. So, sometimes, the help of a psychologist may be necessary. Finally, the adolescent and family should opt for a surgeon who has a specialization in the procedure they want to do and not go to fake doctors.