Mexico: Main destination of vacations and medical tourist

Mexico is a country located in the extreme north of Latin America, bordering the United States of America. It is a nation that stands out for its rich pre-Columbian culture, gastronomy and also for its climate and the services it offers to the tourists, ranging from vacations on paradisiacal beaches to specialized medical care.

Of all the states of Mexico, the most prominent in these two services is Baja California, located in the northwest of the country. Here you can enjoy the beautiful places of the coast, as well as multiple medical services in cities such as Tijuana, Mexicali and Todos Santos.

Vacation tourism in Mexico

Mexico has many destinations to go on vacation, such as Acapulco, which has luxury hotels and beaches where you can enjoy the typical sunset of the Pacific coast, as well as cities like Mexico City itself where you can visit museums and do many cultural activities for those who like to travel, to learn about the history and folklore of their vacation destinations.

However, if there is a state that deserves to be mentioned when talking about vacation tourism in Mexico, it is Baja California, where the hotel sector stands out for its hospitality and it’s helpful staff, such is the case of the Boutique Hotel Todos Santos, where you can enjoy rooms with sea view, hammocks on the balcony, and services such as breakfast in bed and spa.

These hotels are located in strategic places near the beach, so that their guests can go from their rooms to the coast in the shortest possible time. Despite having high prices, it is possible to find offers and, due to the diversity from these hotels, find the best option for an unforgettable vacation.

Medical tourism in Mexico

Mexico is not far behind on the issue of medical tourism, because in this country many services of this nature are offered, in addition to having public health care, so everyone can access hospitals and medical services regardless of its provenance.

These services include practically everything, from medication to cardiac surgery, including cosmetic procedures, in fact, Bariatric Surgery Mexico stands out for its quality and for the excellent results it provides, which is why many people recommend going to Mexico to perform these procedures.

Similarly, in Mexico there are multiple private clinics, where you can access specialized medical assistance, as well as high-level hospitals, where quality care is guaranteed for everyone. 

However, health tourism does not have to be reserved for aesthetic procedures or surgery, since you can also carry out medical tourism oriented to therapeutic services related to stress and psychology. In this country you can access psychologists both in hospitals as well as specialized clinics, so that your holidays are not only fun but also healthy.