How to enjoy your visit to Mexico to the fullest

Mexico has great advantages to offer  as a tourist place, with different activities, in which you can enjoy both nature and the advantages that the city offers If you want to enjoy both the beautiful beaches, its gastronomy, and tourist places we have 5 tips so that you will  know how to make the most of your visit to Mexico.

Choose a destination that has permits

Due to the pandemic, some cities and tourist destinations are restricted, so it will be necessary to verify if the place where you are going has the necessary permits to operate, that it is open to visitors, and the capacity that hotels should have , and, in addition, if there is any special requirement that you must meet to stay in place

Respect health measures at airports

A large part of the air terminals in Mexico have biometric identification elements to avoid contact between passengers, counting on disinfection measures and temperature measurement. Respect the protocols and wear a mask during your entire trip, and while you are exposed to the outside.

In beaches and tourist areas, the most common security measure will be distance, so use the special assigned areas. It is a great advantage because you will have a space on the beach all to yourself.

If you travel as a family, rent a car

Although inter-municipal transport in Mexico is cheap, if you travel as a family it will be much easier to rent a car, in that case you must keep in mind that the car insurance of your country is not valid in Mexico, therefore that Mexican car insurance can help you process a valid auto insurance for tourists, for three months. You will be covered against all risks!

Have ready the data of a dentist 

Imagine that suddenly a tooth hurts right in the middle of your vacation, or that you slip and just break a tooth … the experience would be extremely unpleasant, so if you travel to any city in the world it is important that you have ready a dentist’s phone number.

A dentist in Tijuana can be of great help, because you really do not know when a dental emergency may occur. You can get in touch with one of these dentists even before your trip. 

You can even travel alone to have a dental treatment, it will be cheaper and you will really love it. 

If you are traveling as a family, rent an apartment

If you are traveling with your family, a hotel will be a bit expensive, so it is better to rent an apartment by the day or by the hour, which will allow you to have more privacy, absolutely ideal if you go with children and pets. 

In addition, you can prepare your own food, giving you the possibility of having all the food you like. It is ideal if there is a member of your family who is allergic to a food, this way you will ensure that your food is prepared the way you like it, and just when you want it!

Remember that in hotels there are food services at certain times, on the other hand, in a rented apartment, you can prepare what you want just when you want!