Adventure Tourism

It is one of the best-known types of tourism, but despite this, the definition of this concept varies depending on the person. Many believe that it only focuses on extreme activities, but involves more than this. It is characterized because the person lives experiences in natural or cultural excursions. In this type of activities, the person will have to make use of his physical condition to be able to carry out the tasks imparted by an expert. The purpose is that people can leave their comfort zone to experience new things. It is essential that, when doing this type of tourism, you have the necessary equipment to provide security.

This broad branch of tourism has subcategories according to the needs of tourists; it can be said that within these subsectors, there are levels of physical demand. Some of them will not need so much physical effort; in others, it will be necessary to use the best of your resistance.


It is one of the categories in which people don’t involve so much effort, only to move to sites where ecotourism can be done. Depending on the zone, it will be the protection equipment that will be used. Ecotourism is characterized because tourists are in full contact with nature, learning about the flora and fauna that occur in the region. To be able to carry out activities within this sector, people must prepare to walk for a long time, so you must carry the necessary things.

Accessible tourism

This type of tourism can be considered as an intermediate level. The activities that are carried out usually have a short duration but full of adventures. Some of these activities are bungee or rafting. The purpose of accessible tourism is to provide people with adrenaline in a fast and fun way. In recent years, different companies dedicated to this area have implemented techniques so that individuals with disabilities also have the opportunity to live these experiences.

Tourism of emotion

It is here that we enter the most extreme and well-known categories. For this type of activity, it is necessary to have the training and specialized equipment, which is why it is particular companies that perform and train people. The events that fall into this category are mountaineering, paragliding, or base jumping.


It is part of adventure tourism and is characterized by a high risk. The differentiating element, among other categories, is that tourists pay to visit indigenous villages, to be able to experience a little about their life, customs, and traditions of the locals.

Also, for this type of activity, it is necessary to go to companies that are dedicated to offering these services because they are people who specialize in training tourists. One of the most common dangers to which people are exposed is to dietary changes or unknown diseases.

Some places where adventure tourism is possible are:

  • San Luis potosí
  • Chihuahua
  • Veracruz
  • Querétaro
  • Toluca
  • Estado de México
  • Puerto Peñasco- Rocky point México hotels
  • Quintana Roo
  • Coahuila
  • Guanajuato
  • Puebla