Many people often put off visiting a dentist Tijuana. In fact, about half of the population claims that they only get to visit their dentist once a year. However, the more you procrastinate, the higher the chances that your body is already telling you it is time to go soon. But of course, you probably didn’t notice these warning signs at all, or you just shrug them off as something normal. 

Watch out for the following indicators that suggest the need to see your dentist sooner than later:

You Constantly Experience Bad Breath

Bad breath or also called halitosis might not be due to your habits in brushing or absence thereof. This could be the initial sign of infection or some other dental problems that only a dentist Tijuana can pinpoint. 

Sugary, Cold, and Hot Foods Cause Teeth Sensitivity 

If you have noted sensitivity to sugar, cold, or hot foods, this can mean that you’ve got a cavity. However, this sensitivity might also be an indication of a more serious underlying problem. Most of the time, patients visit their dentist because they are suffering from extreme sensitivity to cold and hot foods. But, once their dentist conducts an exam, no single cavity is found. What causes the sensitivity is actually gum recession and root exposure. 

These problems can have varied treatments, from something as simple as changing your toothpaste to something invasive such as gum graft treatment, which is a form of dental surgery. 

You Have Discolored Teeth 

Tooth discoloration can cause numerous mouth problems. This is actually indicative of tooth injury that can result in infection. Again, this problem can have several solutions. Treatment with a root canal or tooth removal might be needed here. 

You Notice a Rough Surface or Bump in Your Tongue, Cheek, or Mouth

You should visit your dentist Tijuana to check those bumps or rough surface on your tongue. If you notice a rough and bumpy surface or even a cut in the mouth that doesn’t heal, it could actually be oral cancer or HPV

Take note that you don’t need to feel pain or be a smoker for this issue to be serious. Visiting your dentist at the soonest is a must. 

You Experience Pain in the Teeth, Jaw, and Mouth 

Body pains are the first telltale signs that something has gone wrong. If you experience pain in any part of your mouth or your jaw is constantly sore every time you wake up, this could be a direct indication that you need to schedule an appointment with your dentist. Even the least amount of soreness and pain can result in major problems.

You probably have receding gums, a broken tooth, or cavity but only a dentist can diagnose it. 

Flossing or Brushing Causes Bleeding Gums 

If you have bleeding gums when you floss or brush, this may mean that you are suffering from gum disease and you need to have it checked right away. That periodontal plaque-causing irritation in your mouth is also the same plaque found in body arteries that can result in heart problems. If incessant bleeding on your arms makes you worry, the same thing goes for bleeding gums. 

Do you experience any of these signs? Then, book an appointment with your dentist before it’s too late.